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Lets start with a bit about ourselves. We published a audio/magazine called Sequences for nearly twenty years and in the beginning of 2012 started podcasting on iTunes then on Mixcloud and new recently to Soundcloud.  We publish two editions each month, running from 2hrs to over 3 hours per episode.

Up to date, 01/01/15, we've had over 133000 hits to our site, which was upgraded at the same time in 2012.   I have been into Electronic music for over 45 years now, from the early experimental sounds of Karl Heinz Stockhausen, John Gage, Berio, Phillip Glass etc, the German scene in the 70's with Tangerine Dream , Klaus Schulze, Robert Schroeder, Kraftwerk, Can etc. through to some of the more modern, trance, chill-out, ambient music, although we stay away from techno, dance and the more pop orientated stuff. 

That's us. So, we are always on the lookout to find new and interesting musicians to preview on our shows, with listeners all round the globe.   We are a non profit making outfit, only doing it for the love of this type of music.

If you are a musician interested in having some of your music previewed on our podcasts and to a global audience, do get in touch.

Many thanks for your time.

Mick (theED) & the Team (Mike, Andy & virtual girl Karen)


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Sequences Podcast No62


Mac of Bionight ‘Memories’ 1.56 (album Memories vol 01) ***
Mac of Bionight ’Soft Chaos’ 9.48 (album Memories vol 02)
Moonbooter ‘Cosmonaut Leonow’ 18.37 (Live 4 CD set)
Moonbooter ‘Epic Moments’ 25.50 “     “     “     “
Mystical Light ‘Secrets Of Taklamakan’ 34.18 (album Beyond The Horizon)
Mystical Light’ ‘Eternal Peace’ 41.33 “       “       “        “        “
Digitonal ‘The Beating Of Her Heart’ 48.35 <>
Forest Fang ‘Burnt Offerings’ 53.00 (album Letters To The Farthest Star) <>
Digitonal ‘Eighteen’ 64.12 (album Beautiful Broken)
Michael Bruckner ‘Vagueness Part 1’ 68.17 (album Fog Music 35) ***
Howard Givens & Craig Padilla ’Tide Of The Opposition Moon’ 78.10 ( album Life Flows Water) <>
Annemarie Borg  ’Nacre’ 86.03 (album Iridescent Perceptions)
Annemarie Borg  ‘Requiem’ 93.00
Though Guild ‘The Ebbing Universe’ 98.12 (album Third Voyage)
Thought Guild ‘Moon Blossom Meditation’ 105.16  “      “       “
Sine Amplitude ‘Arpworld’ 109.00
Sonic Federation ‘Arrival At The Village’ 115.54 (album The Village )
Numina & Zero Ohms ‘Secrets of the Treasure House of Stars’ 126.24 (album Broken Stars Thorough Brilliant Clouds) <>
Spacemegalithe ‘Live in Paris 21 February 2015’ 140.34 ***
Ars & Sylphides ‘Detatch’ 147.05 (album Interphase 3)
Ars Sonor, M.Nomized, Mystified & Sylphides ‘Cellular Fugue’ 152.15 (album Interphase 3)
Sound Awakener ‘Learning To Drown’ 153.43 (album September Traveler)
Mark Jenkins ‘RA8543’ 158.32 (album Change Of Cosmic Address)
Chris Jenkins  ‘Ancient Chronicles Of Silent Souls’ 162.09 (album Change Of Cosmic Address)
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Sequences Podcast No61


Harald Nies ‘Horizon’ 1.00 <>
Harald Nies ‘Silver Line’ 10.24 (album Horizon)
Peter Irock ‘Big Prophecy’ 18.45
Peter Irock ’Boreal’ 22.20
Andrey Klimkovsky LightYears Marks 2014 Remastered 35.11
Andrey Klimkovsky Signal From Star44  40.45
Perceptual Defence ‘Time Travellers’ 44.53 (album Time Lines) <>
Perceptual Defence ‘Saluto Ad Una Persona Importante (Sad Time)’ 52.46
Perceptual Defence with Antara Annamarie Borg ‘Momements Frail’ 57.14
Lomita ‘The Death Of Our Universe’ 63.37
Ger Led ‘6 Days To Go’ 69.43
Sonus Lab & Nonon ‘Chrononautica’ 75.41
SpiralDreams ‘False Hope 3 84.32 (album Loremipsum)
Realtime ‘Ode To Space’ 93.23 ***
Dave Bessell ‘Mirror’s Edge’ 102.26 (album Black Horses Of The Sun)
Music_Inception ‘Infinie Beaute’ 108.18
Music_Inception  ‘The Mystery Of V’ 111.17
Simurg-Music ’Tumden Yokolus’  115.44
Simurg.Music ‘An Kapisi 120.07
Robert Carty ‘Canyon 4’ 127.25 (album Canyon) *** <>
Nord ‘Loneliness’ 136.55 (album Behind The Velvet Clouds)
Nord ‘Sunshine In The Rain’ 149.12 ( album Rain In My Dream) www.nordmusic.rom <http://www.nordmusic.rom>
Ian Haygreen’The Arrival’ 158.11
Ian Haygreen ‘Summers Coming’ 167.05
Interstellar Sequence ‘Constructor’ 178.14 (album Baikonur Fields)   
Interstellar Sequence  ‘Lunar Nights’ (album Back To The Moon)



Sequences Podcast No60



Baltes & Erbe ’s-thetic’ 1. 59 (album s-thetic) ***
The Cinema Shuffle ‘After Heaven - The Angels Song 13. 14 (The Shimmering Mix).
The CinemaFused ‘The Silent Skies’ 18.37 (album Shadow Play)
Ansatheus ‘Into Space’ 25. 30 (album Star Travel)
Nights Amore, ‘When Love Dies’ 30.23
Nights Amore ‘The Silent Winter Of Our Hearts’ 42.09
Deuter ‘Hands Love’ 50.41 (album Reiki Hands Of Love) <>
Psicodreamics ‘Floating In The River Of Souls’ 59.40 (ACME Project Mix by PerezDolz)
Xelomen   ‘Without You’ 64.07
Xelomen.  ‘Without You, ‘This Liquid Sky Remix’ 68.16  (Without You Remixes EP)  
OVOD ‘Flashback Voices’ 74.16 (album Between Days)
Objective ‘The Desire Machine’ 83.16 (album Black Trees) <> ,
Objective ‘Black Opal’ 85.35 “     “      “      “
Sequentia Legende ‘Blue Dream’ 88.49 (album Blue Dream) ***
Eagle ’Endless Summer Night’ 97.39
Eagle ‘The Beautiful Gate’ 104.04
Wolf Project with Harald Nies ‘Echoes From Outer Space’ 109.17
Paul Nagle ‘Poseidon's Realm’ 115.36 (album Sardines)
Alexis Nembrode ‘The Infinity Mirror’ 122.50 ***
Alexis Nembrode ‘Wind Whisper 132.27 ***
Vladislow ‘Nebula’ 135.31
Vladislow ‘This Morning’ 141.28
Soundician  ‘Liquid Moon’ 145.23  (album Wise Trees) ***
Soundician ‘Wise Trees’  151.03    “        “        “ ***
Romerium  ‘Impressions Part 1’ 155.37 (album Solar Sequences)
Joost Egelie ’Stasis’ 165.47 (album Music For Mars Missions)
Joost Egelie ‘Embark’ 172.17     “        “        “        “    ***
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Sequences Podcast No59

bios no59-1

Neorus ‘Above Stars’  1.48 (album Timeless)
Apples From Mars ‘Forever (This Night)’ 5.50
Apples From Mars ‘Sunshine’ 9.10
Patrascano ‘Insider 13.53 (album Music For The Sun Worshiper)
Patrascano ‘We Should Play’ 17.57   “        “        “         “
Mercury Antennae An Offering: Interlude/Nepenthe/The Sweet Scent of Rain’23.03 (album A Waking Ghost Inside)
Radio Massacre International ‘part 1 & 2’ 34.20 (album When God of Electricity Expanded)***
Alpha Wave Movement  ‘ Journey The Existential Plane’  47.27 (album System A)
Byron Metcalf, Steve Roach & Rob Thomas ‘ Monuments Of Ecstasy’ 56.18  (album Moments Of Ecstasy) ***
Shane Morris ‘January Wolfe Moon’ 64.20 (album The Full Moon Series) ***
Neorus ‘Psyritual’ 71.18
Synchronized ’Stargazing’ 76.05 (album Expedition)
Synchronised ‘RefleXion’ 81.32            “        “        “
Stan Dart ‘Dark Matter part 1 & 2’ 90.15
EugeneKha ‘Fog In The Wood Part 1 106.05 (Fog Music Various Artists) ***
Robert Scott Thompson Grey Blankets Drops and the World Reduced to Arm's Length’ 115.30 (Fog Music Various Artists) ***
Anantakara ‘A Fugitive Paradise Smile - Part 3’ 122.52 ***
Anantakara & Mukti ‘Third Eye Manifesto’  130.04 ***
Michael Buckner ‘Peter Part 1’ 136.22 (album Two letters From Crimea)
Michael Bruckner ‘The Black Sea Part 1’ 142.28  “       “        “
Alexander Sophiex ‘Listen As There Ascends Sun’ 151.06 (album The Best of Alexander Sophiex - Vol. 2
Alexander Sophiex ’Silver Path’ 154.58    
Alio Die & Lorenzo Montana ‘Muns de Etrah/Akvil’ 162.08 (album Holographic Codex)
Vigor Calma ‘Predator Amusement Park’ 177.58***
Timothy Wenzel The Photograph’ 185.37  (album Summon The Wind)
Timothy Wenzel ‘The Whirlwind’ 190.10       “        “         “         “


Sequences Podcast No58


Bernd Kistenmacher ‘Devasting Destruction/Ghosts’ 1.40 (album Paradise) ***
Ash Ra Tempel ‘ Reunion’ 9.56 (album Friendship, remastered) ***
Faber ‘Happy In Berlin’  18.20 (album Stories)
Faber ‘Tangerine Lights’ 23.29    
Mac Of BIOnighT ‘Soft Dreams’ 36.51 album Dim Daylight)
BySenses ‘Beautiful Moments/Destination’  43.17 (album Frigments-Fragments)
Duncan Goddard ’Ketchup Bogie’ 48.52 (album Electrical Tape) ***
Carmen Rubino ‘Transcendence’ 57.31 (album Aquarian Dream)
Carmen Rubino ’Tears Of Joy’ 60.45
Velvet Voyage Productions  ‘Hypnosequence’ 63.04
Velvet Voyage Productions ‘Temporal Flow’ 68.37 (album Time Machine)
DigitalSimplyWorld ‘The Second Seed’ 76.49 (album Seeds)
Claudio Casanueva ‘Brain Waves’ 83.43
Claudio Casanueva ‘Terra Nova  87.33 ’
Jordan de la Sierra ‘Music For Gymnastics’ 94.52 ***
Andreas Hack  ‘Barcode’ 100.30 (album Pieces)
Andreas Hack  ‘Before The Fall’ 106.28
Midnight Airship ‘The River Once Flowed Here’ 113.38 (album A River Once Flowed Here)
Midnight Airship ‘Midnight Airdrop’  122.23
Jordan de la Sierra Temple Of Aesthetic Action’ 132.42 ( album Gymnosphere, Song Of The Rose) ***
Morphieusmusic  ‘Eternity of Love New Beginnings mix’ 137.58
Morphieusmusic ‘Twilight’   143.00         
Phillip Wilkerson & Chris Russel ‘The Diamond Sky’  146.44 (album Vague Traces) *** 22
MetronomoS ‘Elegy’ 152.43
MetronomoS ’Tears Shining Under The Moonlight’ 156.19(album Far Away From Home)
Coemgin Cuil ‘Pas de Deux/‘Begin Again, Begin Now 160.37  (album Murmurations) ***
Rene De Bakker ‘Into A Blue Sequence/Sahara Heat’  168.23 (album Returning Winds) ***
The Weird & The Wonderful ‘The Random Eloquence of Beauty’ 179.16
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Sequences Podcast No57


Moonbooter ‘Edge Of Sanity’  2.40 (album Cosmoromantics)
Moonbooter ’Spirit Of Time’  11.31      “       “       “       “
Skoulaman ‘Islands In The Ocean’ 19.16 (album Dreaming of The Future Reflecting) <>
Altocirrus ‘Murmuration’ 29.25 (album Murmuration),
Altocirrus ‘The Needle’ 37.22 (album Unstable Matter Situation)
Fritz Mayr  ‘Mysterious Galaxy’ 45.28
Fritz Mayr ‘Gateway Of Knowledge’ 56.30
Steve Roach & Jorge Reyes ‘Procession Of Ancestors’ 65.47(album The Ancestor Circle)
Erren, FleiBig, Schottler & Steffan ‘Oblivion’  75.56 (album Night On Ouddorp)
Erren, FleiBig, Schottler & Steffan ‘Haunted’ 81.56      “        “        “       “
Daniel Star Wolf  ‘Dark Times’ 90.10 (album Spiral To Infinity)
Rafkey ‘Postwave’ 95.04
Rafkey ‘Helly Bells’  99.58      
WellenVorm ’Toene Des Nebels’ 104.16 (album Toene Des Nebels)
Thy Veils ‘Mountain & Cloud’ 113.56 (album Live In Elisabetin) <>
Hammock ‘In the Middle Of this Nowhere’  122.59 (album Oblivion Hymns)
Hammock ‘Then The Quiet Explosion’ 128.09            “        “       “       “
Little Sap Dungeon ‘The Devil’s Autumn’ 134 .40 (Album The Devil’s Autumn Eve)
Bruckner +Jobin  ‘Zunder’  140.18(album Hochofen)
Daniel Star Wolf  ‘Quiet Night’ 148.09  (album Spiral To Infinity)
Lamp ‘Calamity’ 150.35 (album Scales Of Fortune) ***
Steve Orchard ‘Leaving The City Behind’ 159.15(album Pilgrimage)
Steve Orchard ’Toll House’ 164.49                           “        “        “
LordofTheAnts ‘East At least’ 169.55 (albumFirebird)
LordofTheAnts ‘A Dedicated Man’ 174.50
Cirrusaka ’Solysis’ 178.29 (album Antipodes)



Sequences Podcast no56



Steve Baltes  ‘Bochum Sky 1’  2.08 (album Bochum Sky) ***
TM Solver ‘House-Reflections’ 12.09 (album Polymorph) <>
Gorgon Nebula ‘Cronus And Zeus’ 19.19  (album Gorgon Stare)
Fratoroler ‘Quarks’ 25.00 (album Nano) *** <>
Erik Wollo & Bernhard Wostheinrich  33.39  ‘Gales’ (album Weltenuhr)
Erik Wollo & Bernhard Wostheinrich Oculus’ 36.59       “          "
Otarion ’New Visions’ 44.32 (album Genius)
Stray Theories ‘Even Though We Sleep’ 49.00 (album Even Though We Sleep)
Stray Theories ‘Breathless’  53.53 (album We Never Left)
Michael Neil ‘Swirl’ 59.27 (album Swerve)
Nattefrost ‘Dance Of The Elves’ 67.04 (album Homeland)
Nattefrost ’Norse’  70.26                           “           "
Sensory++ ‘Concealed DNA’ 76.45 (album Planet) <>
Csillagkod’ Nap’ 84.19 (album Silent World)
Csillagkod  ‘The Birth of The Solar System’ 88.27  "
Peter Mergener  ‘Lost Paradise’ 90.34 (album Passage In Time) <>  
Peter Mergener ‘Eternal Flow’ 98.52         “          “          "
Gorgon Nebula ‘Aphrodites Tree’ 101.49
Ari Porki & Christopher Alvarado Barometric Pleasure’ 106.27 ‘feat: Jack Hertz
Ari Porki & Christopher Alvarado  feat: Void Of Realms  ‘With’ 110.10 (album Halla)
Syndromeda ‘They Live In The Black Hole’ 117.12 (album Connected) *** <>
Stockman ‘ Monto’s Production Line’ 125.25 (album Part Of The Industry) <>
TM Solver ‘Tranquillity’ 133.46 (album Namaste) <>
Stan Dart ‘Coastline’ 141.58 ( album Pictures At An Exhibition)
Lutz Thuns & Wolfgang Gsell ‘Bright August Day’ 148.27 (album Somnambulist’s Dream)
Lutz Thuns & Wolfgang Gsell ‘ Lights Of Summer’ 151.51   “      “      “      "
Pharamond ‘Hidden Scheme’  155.50 (album Orbis Tertius) *** <>
DigitalSimplyWorld ‘Passenger’ 162.39 (album Neutrino Passenger) ***
David & Steve Gordon ‘Faithkeeper Earth Pulse’ 169.59 (album Drum Cargo- Rhythm of Earth)






Sequences Podcast No 55


Zanov ‘Very Far’ 1.33 (album Virtual Future)
Zanov ‘World Adrift’ 11.08
Patroux ‘Exoplanet’ 16.30  
Patroux  ‘Road To The Futureland’ 21.34 (album Transcommunication)
Obukhovaudio ‘Atom Heart’ 29.56 (album Atmosphere)***
Coral Cave ‘Panorama Part 2’ 39.40 (album Panorama) ***
Coral Cave’ Panorama Part 3’ 46.45 ***
Sequential Dreams ‘Celestial Bodies’ 54.21 (Quantum Earth)  
Sequential Dreams ‘Infinite Probabilities’ 59.24
EmRys ‘The Ocean Of Light’  69.58  ***
EmRys ‘Leap Into The Light’ 79.56
Dirk Serries  ‘Notion Of The Invert’ 85.13 (album The Origin Reversal) ***
Havdis  ‘Coast’  92.35 (album Clouds Into Sea)
Tonal Assembly ‘La Duree’ 98.16  ***
Tonal Assembly ‘Beyond Words’ 105.39
Arnaud Van Beek & Gijs De Bakker ‘La Mer’ 112.59 (album EclipsE-Electronic Music)
Arnaud Van Beek & Gijs De Bakker ‘Far out’ 117.05
An Astromo :Third Dimension Away From You’ 121.52(album Promethia)
An Astromo ‘Beginning’ 127.29
B.K & S ‘Part 1’  131.57 (album Direction Green) ***
Open Canvas ‘Tibet Inwards’  140.39 (album Relics Of The Sun)
Open Canvas  ‘Travel By Sound’ 143.40 (album Carnatic Fusion)
DigitalSimply World ’Neutrino’ 150.30 (album Neutrino Machine) *** <>  
Obukhovaudio  ‘Dream Sequences’ 159.19 ***
Havdis ‘Nightbreeze’ 167.24 (album Nightbreeze)            
Phobos ‘Sector Four’ 17632 (album Sector Four) ***  Dark Ambient
Jonathan Badger   ‘The Valley Of the Shadows’ 184.45 (album Verse)>
Jonathan Badger  ‘Bouge’  187.40                                                                  
Runar Halonen & Tron Syversen ‘Voices In Heaven’s Cathedral’  190.13  (album Voices From Heaven) ***>
Robert Carty ‘Skyscape’ 198.09 (album Ecoroots)  
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Sequences Podcast No 54


David Wright 'Strange Inventions' 2.13 (album Beyond The Airwaves Vol1)
David Wright Gravity Waves' 9.52
Dreamerproject 'Horizons' 16.40  (album Visions)
As By Eden  'Rylo3 -Amazonia (ABE Remix) 21.27
As By Eden 'Rylo3- When The Rain Comes (ABE TRMix part1) 29.55
Darshan Ambient 'Star Born ' 35.20 (album Songs Of the Deep Field) www.spottedpeccary. com
Darshan Ambient 'Microlife' 40.21        "         "       "        "        "
Sherafedin Kurt 'The Last Song It's Like The First Song' 44.28 (Across The Mountains  Various)
Amplidyne Effect 'The Introvert Microorganism' 46.49
Eddy De Vega Veintitres  'The Kiss Of Dreams'  61.14
Eddy De Vega Veintitres   'Remember I Love You' 65.02
Bekki Williams 'Night Flier' 68.16 (album Shadow Of The Wind Remaster)
Bekki Williams 'The Talisman' 73.12
iotronica 'Watching Lava Plumes On Lo' 80.00 (album Of Moons And Stars)
iotronica 'Dreaming Of Oceans On Ganymede' 89.36
Alpha Wave Movement 'Starbound' 96.29(album Horizons)
Bouvetoya  'The Dawn Of The Interplanetary Nation' 106.19 (album Interstellarphonic)
Sundown Cafe 'Midnight Sun' 115.33  (album Sunset Reverie)
Sundown Cafe 'Nightfall' 121.44                "        "       "       "
Marconi Union 'Weightless Part 3'  126.22 (album Weightless,Tranmissions Vol 2)
Alexis Nembrode 'Noon' 133.46
Kamarius 'Ancient Teachings On Love' 138.45 (album Heart Experiences- The Renewal Of Soul)
Karmarius 'Lumunous Pathway'146.44
Ivan Black  'Breathe Of Fresh Air/Dreaming in Colour' 151.25 (album Pleasure Principle) ***
Shane Morris & Mystified 'Waiting For The Storm To Pass' 163.29 (album Evolution ) www.spottedpeccary. com
Daniel Wolf  'Lost In Time/Supernova' 171.44 (album Distant Voyage)
O.S. 'Light Bulbs' 180.37(album OS1 alchemic)
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Sequences Podcast no53 25/8/14


Moeckesch ‘Desire Part 2'  2.10  (Album Dark Helix)
Saint Janus ‘Pleased By Freaky Culture’  6.44 (album Spiritale)
OUD!N13  ‘Another Horizon’ 14.00 (album Cosmic Light)
Krusseldorf  ‘Breaking Dawn’  23.00  (album Fractal World)  
Krusseldorf ‘Circuit Boarding’  30.09     “       “        “
Ashra Tempel 'Le Berceau De Cristal/Silence Sauvage' 36.25  (album Le Berceau De Cristal) ***
John Christian ‘Blackwater’  43.47 (album Dark Matters) ***
JaJa  'Starbeam’  50.27 (album Startrail) ***
Vanderson ’Somewhere From Intergrated Circuit’ 57.29  (album Abyss)
Spiraldreams  ‘Old & New 11, Run Rabbit Run’ 67.29
Neden  ‘Useless Nest’  77.00 (album Neden LP)          
Neden  ‘Far From The Truth’  81.24    “        “       “
Synestem ‘Main Memorial’ 85.22 (album From Spaceports 2)
DigitalsSimplyWorld  'Event Horizon Of Sequences’ 92.18 (Essence Of The Sequences) ***
Aythar ‘Phoenix 2’  99.27
Alerick Project ‘No Way Out’ 104.54  (album No Way Out)
Alerick Project ‘Picking The Best’  109.42  “       “        “        “
Realtime ‘Deep Inside’ 115.11  (album Realtime Live In Cologne (The Doninikaner Session) ***
Moeckesch ‘Depression’  122.43
Ebia  ‘Herrscher Im Orbit 1’ 128.01 (album Herrscher Im Orbit)
Psicodreamics    ‘Azhdark Passion’ 135.38


Sequences Podcast no52 5/8/2014


Johan Tronestam  ‘What is The Truth’  1.43 (album Compunctio)
Johan Tronestam  ‘Loneliness’ 8.23 “        “       “
Sozo Heaven  ‘Separation Of Realities Opus 1/Verisimilitude’ 16.00 (album The Son of Arcturus) ***
Uwe Gronau  ‘Deep In My Heart’  32.18 (album Thoughts of Tomorrow)
Uwe Gronau ’ First Contact’ 36.38             “           “          “          “
Erik Wollo  ‘Perma’  40.14 (album Tundra)
Erik Wollo  ‘Swirled Lights’ 45.43    “
Alex Papadiamantis  ‘Landscape’ 50.52 (Album Silence)
Head Joint  ‘Shapes’ 55.24 (album Many Shapes) ***
Brother Saturn   ‘Breathless 63.30 (is This The End’  (album Tales of Space Exploration)
Nnord   ‘Beyond The Orbital River’ 71.35 (album Orbital)
Nord (Sztakics Istvan)   ‘Hypnotic Transmissions’ 78.55 (album Sequences)
Ilaria ‘Vacuum’  85.47
Ilaria ‘After Rain’ 88.58
F/R-F  ‘Creation Of Paradise/Paradise Lost’  91.41 (album Structures of Paradise) ***
Steve Roach ‘The Delicate Forever/The Well Spring’ 104.05 (album The delicate Forever)
Christopher Alvardo   ‘Stirring In The Forever 116.56  (album Creation By Inertia)
Mark Barrott  ‘Island Life’ 132.22 (album Sketches From An Island)
Bekki Williams  ‘Elysian Fields Pt1’ 136.06  (’40 of The Very Best Laid back Themes, A.D. Electronic Music)
Lord Of The Ants ‘Indifferent Sea’ 142.00                  “             “            “           “         “          “
David Wright ‘Momentum Pt3’  146.50                       “            “             “           “         “          “
Alex  Papadiamantis  ‘Preludio’(album Sky Chasing) 151.05
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Sequences Podcast no51 17/7/2014



Tigerforest 'Touch The Sky' 2.00 (album The Tides Of Day And Night)
Tedd Arnold "Theft Of Fire'  7.37 (album A Theft Of Fire)
Tedd Arnold 'Pandora'    9.34    "      "      "       "
Stan Dart 'Organic' 13.43  (album Pictures at an Exhibition)
The Melting Transistors   21.21  Feat: Mike Hunter 'Starfields Meadows At Dawn' ***
The Roboter  'Aftermath'/Cyber Command/ Alternating Currents/Altered Timelines/  29.39 ( album The Motoko Files: Cyber Prophecy)
Tigerforest 'Asylum Harbor'  38.50  (album The Tides Of Day And Night)
Thomas Lemmer  Lunar Eclipse 42.44  (Softwaver Remix for the Nights)
Thomas Lemmer  Different World 46.57  (Ambient Remix)
Erik Wollo 'Tide1'    51.44  (album Traces Remastered)
Erik Wollo  'Little Dream in Turqouise'  55.44 "    "
Black Tape For A Blue Girl  Entr'acte-The Garden Awaits Us/Dream/The Green Box 59.58 (Album As One Aflame Laid Bare By Desire (Deluxe Edition)
Z   'Trance Americana/Cantarella' 69.24 (album Cantarella) ***
Casanueva 'Techno Western' 84.42
Casanueva 'Celestial Void' 87.01  (album Soundscapes vol 3)
Ambient Lifeforms  'The Outer Limits'  91.12 (album Voyage)
Ambient Lifeforms  'Event Horizon' 94.28      "      "       "
The Melting Transistors 100.49  Feat: Karl Fury 'Initial Excursion Suite'  ***
Naga Humana 'Longing-Sun King Procession' 108.10 (album Naga Humana)
Naga Humana 'Nocturnal Lament'  112.37.                     "        "         "
Saul Stokes 'Further West'  117.42 ( album LFOUFO)***
Zinkl 'Blessed We Are' 125.49 (album Cockaigne)


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Sequences Podcast no50   01/07/2014


Michel Huygen ’Sonar Part 1’ (album Sonar Live Concert In Barcelona) ***
David & Stephen Gordon ‘Power Chakra’ (album Chakra Resonance) <>
David & Stephen Gordon ‘Earth Chakra’       “        “        “
A.C. Alfiecamel  ‘1785-78Tec’
A.C. Alfiecamel   ‘Planet 787xc1’
Fratoroler  ‘Chez Ricco’ (album Chez Ricco) *** <>
Within Reason ’Shizen’    (album Farshadow)  <>
Progeny 1 ‘Alone In The Stars’
Mark Dwane  ‘Anomalies’   (album Anomalies)  <>
Mark Dwane ‘Strange New World’   “         “
All My Faith Lost ‘Dulcinea’ (album Redefine My Pure Faith)   <>
Electrix   ‘Black Beauty’  (album 111) <>
Electrix  ‘Lost Place’ “          “         “
Indra   ’Terra Nova’  (album Thunderbolt Live At the black Sea 2008)  <>
Indra ‘Return to Source’          “        “       “       “       “
Byron Metcalf & Mark Seelig ‘Vision’ (album Intention) *** <>
Richard Pinhas & Oren Ambarchi ‘Washington DC Live’ (album Tikkun) ***<>
Penelope Martin


Sequences Podcast no49   09/06/2014


Fanger & Schonwalder feat. Lutz Graf-Ubrich    Zentralflughafen/Frankfurter Allee 1.45 ( album Analog Overdose 5)***
Wolfgang Spyra ‘Staub’ 15,12
Free Arts Lab ‘Zeequence 2’  22.38
The Roswell Incident  ‘Escape 11’  29.42  (album Escape)
Robert Fox ‘Wing & A Prayer/Distant Horizons’  38.35 (album Asfafa 2)
Kamarius  ‘Mirage Free’   (album Togetherness) 46.44
Daniel Dorobantu ‘Muntele Adanc’   56.10  (album “Prin far’  de loc in far’ de vreme)
Delicate Apparatus feat Ray Russell  ‘Empyros’ 67.40
Craig Padilla ‘Awaken To A Dream’  69.11 (album Sonar LP2)
Craig Padilla ‘Behind The Lighting’  79.13   (album Sonar LP1 ***)
Stan Dart ‘Satellite’  88.32  (album Orbital Flight)  ***
Delicate Apparatus ‘Soul System’ 96.03
E-Musikgruppe Lux Ohr ‘Tellen 1V-V1’  104.31  (album Spiralo)
Loren Nerell & Mark Seelig  ‘Wacah Chan/Kayon’ 114.41  (album The Tree Of Life) ***  
Headshock ‘Delsarte’  123.18
HeadShock  ‘Radiopticon’  127.33 (album Tales Of Summer Past)    
The Pele Syndicate ‘Horizontal Sensations’ 132.55   (album Transfer Of My Affections)
The Pele Syndicate ‘Pleasant Hypertension’ 137.49
L’OEil Celeste ‘ Soleil Noir’  142.48

Sequences Podcast no48  06/05/2014

Wojciech Kania ’10th Gate’  1.42
Cosmic Ground ‘Legacy’ 4.12  (album Cosmic Ground) ***    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Robert Prometh ‘Third Dimension Away From You’ 13.16
Musicformessier & Robert Prometh ‘Promethia’  18.55
DeeperNET  “Quantum Teleportation/Fluid Blue/ Thought Drop’ 24.50 (Edit mix)
Bruckner & Everling  ’Sparrow’ 37.38 (album Sparrows) ***
Peter Challoner  ‘Alternating Frequencies 2&6’ (album Livescapes 2) ***
Robert Scott Thompson ‘Waning In The Glow Of Unknowns’ 51.36  (album Arcana)
Robert Scott Thompson ‘Night Has A Thousand Eyes’  60.43         “    “   “
Kerani  ‘Arctic Sunrise’ 65.56 (album Arctic Sunrise)
Wojciech Kania ‘Ultimate’. 73.18
Zarathustradesign  ‘Opera Requiem One’ 76.10 (album Enigmatic Voices)
Grauglanz  ‘The Awakening & Katharsis’ 80.11 (album Inner Voices) ***
Realtime ‘ Lights Of The Universe’ 89.45 (album Lights Of The Universe)
Realtime  ‘Chandra’ 98.12 (album Journey Into Space)
WiesenBerg Heavy Sleep 104.33 (Synapse Overflow}
WiesenBerg ‘Lost In Space’ 111.44
DigitalSimplyWorld  ‘First Contact’ 116.22 (album Cosmic Ocean First Contact)
DigitalSimplyWorld ‘The Last Match’ 121.57
Christopher Alvardo & Mystified. ’Toyko’ 129.13 (album Megacities)
Antai  “Everest 1 & 11’ 134.27 (album Dreamscapes)
Dieter Werner  ‘Knight Of Broken Word, 144.16 (album Sad Ostateczny)***

Sequences Podcast no47    22/04/2014

Michel Huygen  ‘Ethereal Journey’*** 1.29 (album Live in Poland CD 1)
Fanger & Schonwalder feat Cosmic Hoffman ‘Woodland Mix’ 11.00 album Mopho Mr Babe Remixes)
TMA feat. Martinson  ‘Wechselspiel’ 17.30
E-tiefengrund ‘Forgotten Home’ *** 24.46 (album A Scent Of Jasmine) www.syngate
M.O.B.S  ‘Ende Abschied’ *** 32.49 (album Aus Dem Nichts)
Jesper Sorensen ‘Voyage Of The Wind’ 42.37
Jesper Sorensen  ‘Rendezvous In The Dark’ 50.12 (album Voyage Of The Wind)
Usrsbin   Gently Curved Bidule *** 55.20
David Parsons ’Tashi’  64.01 (album Stupa)
Broekhuis, Keller & Schonwalder ‘ Frozen Nights’   73.26 (album Repelen- The Last Tango)
Gerd Weyhing ‘ Cryptomeria’ *** 82.09 (album Journey to impossible Places)
Green Isac  ‘Ormen Lange’  90.06 (album Passengers) www.spottedpeccary. com
Green Isac ‘Zakopane’  93.51          “        “       “
Intelligensia ‘Cosmonaut’  98’18 (album Cosmonaut)
Michael Bruckner  ‘Fluctuations Number One’  107.46 (album Thirteen Rites Of Passage)
Peter Mergener ’Song For The Whales’***  116.56 (album Creatures)
Peter Mergener   ‘God Said’  123.48
Michael Bruckner ‘ Rinkula/Rauros’  128.34 (album Naura)
Harald Nies & Lomita ‘Elysium’ 140.54
Jack Hertz ‘ Venus’ *** 146.08 (album Venus To Mars)
Michel Huygen ‘Distant Worlds’*** 152.56 (album Live in Poland, CD 2)
Perceptual Defence & Syndromeda / ‘Fear Of …..’ ••• 162.06 (album Fear Of Emptiness Space)
TMA feat.Martinson ‘Der Grobe Traum der Kleinen Sterne’ 170.00
Bertrand Loreau ‘Rue Colbert/Colbert Street’ 177.34 (album Spiral Lights)
Edit ***

Sequences Podcast no46   09/04/2014


Naviara    ‘d savaala gomb d miro d grio’  (Final- Korrigiert) 2.12
Sverre Knut Johansen    ‘Planets 11’ 8.57 ***
Peter Pahor    ‘The Royal Place’  13.26
Peter Pahor   ‘Zed End Titles’ 16.38
Alpha Wave Movement   ‘Cloud Sculptures & Desert Dust’  20.08
Thy Veils -   ‘Adâncime’ (live) 30.05
Naviara    ‘Verlorene Klange’ 38.14
Endymione    ‘Harps Of A Deep Stream’ 41.25 ***
Steve Roach    ‘Quiet Friend’  50.04 (album Structures From Silence 30th Anniversary)
Steve Roach    ‘Beyond’  (bonus CD3) 58.13 ***
Richard Bone    ‘December Drone’   (album Vertical Life) 67.22
Richard Bone    ‘Fractured Faith Redeemer’ 72.41
Faber     ‘Longing Reprise’ 77.50
Faber    ‘Berlin 1984’ (album Ways) 80.08
Anthony Walters   ‘Hyperspace’ 86.36
Anthony Walters   ‘The Realm of L’ *** 90.19
ToXyGeNeDK   ’Time Machine’  (EP Time Machine) 98.13
Kenta Kamiyama    ‘Spring Like’  (album Signs of Rain) 108.47
Kenta Kamiyama    ‘The Girl Disappeared In The Rain’ 113.11
Wolfgang Duren   ‘Eyeless Dreams’ 116.23

Sequences Podcast no45   26/3/2014

Code Indigo    ‘Eden To Corruption’ 2.21 (album Take The Money & Run)
Maciej Braciszewski   ‘AD966 In The Beginning’ 12.48
Maciej Braciszewski   ‘AD1000’ 16.41
Stan Dart ‘Movement 05’   19.37 (album Launch Approval)
Loptus   ‘Blue’ 31.56
Loptus   ‘Mysterious Sunset’  38.14  
Pyramid Peak  ‘Anatomy’ 42.18 (album Anatomy) ***
Midera ‘Just A Smile’   50.37
Neuronium & Vangelis   ‘In London’  57.18 (the After Hours Mix) ***
La Luna e Le Stelle  ‘The Last Planet’  65.14
Evadez   ‘To forget your Deception’ 74.26 (album Fractured)
Evadez   ‘Despicable’ 80.23            “            “
Kelvin Smith   ‘The Mystic Eye/Passing Through Amenta’ 84.46  (album Galaxy Gate)
BySenses   ‘Can You Tell Me Why’ 91.18 (album Insense)
Erik Travis & Megan McCarty  ‘Sadness’
Secondface   ‘Below The Surface’  102.20
Phrozenlight   ‘Possession Of a Light Particle Tickles My Left Big Toe’ 108.07 ***
Hawkdream & Ivan Black  ‘Secret Circles 4’ 116.15 ***

Sequences Podcast no44   10/03/2014

Robert Schroeder ‘Moments’   2.04 (album Paradise remastered) 
Thomas Lemmer ‘Blissful Mind’, Elevator Phase Remix  6.16  (EP Blissful Mind) 
Thomas Lemmer ‘Underwater Love’, Tim Angrave Immersed Remix 10.24 (EP Underwater Love) 
Thorsten Quaeschning’s, Picture Palace Music   ‘Neolithic Spring Water Fall/Circular Earth Banking Security/ The Rising Dolmen’ ***
16.26 (album Remnants) 
SpiralDreams ‘An other Dimension 4’  22.36
Ann Grace  ’Sempre Con Me’  31.10 E.P. Tranquilita)
Darshan Ambient  ‘Nocturne in 3 Parts’   36.32  (album Little Things) 
Darshan Ambient  ‘The Mystery of Sleep’ 39.55  “        “        “
Groove Shadow   ‘What Inside My Head’  46.10 
Rene Van Der Wouden  ‘Sequential Solitude’  52.20  (album Sequential Tourism) *** 
Synthex  ‘Mirrorland’   59.54      (album MirrorLand) 
Synthex ‘Artificial Infinity’  62.58     “       “      “
Rudy Adrian ‘Atmospheres’ 67.53 (album Atmospheres) 
Rudy Adrian ‘Through A Cave Into Another World’  71.51 
Claudio Casanueva ‘Alien Visitor’  77.38 
Claudio Casanueva ‘Endless Frontiers. 81.50
Juta Takahashi   ‘Bright Waters’  84.41 (album Angel) ***   
Project Divinity ‘Temporal’  92.32  (album Triosphere)
Weathered Wall  ‘Liquidity/Last Outpost’  97.35  ***
Michael Stearns  ‘The Ride (finale)’  105.18 (album Chronos remastered)

Sequences Podcast no43  24/02/2014

Astral Dance:   ‘Groom Lake’ 2.17 
Sozo Heaven:   ‘Dreamer Of Dreams’ 8.31*** 
Nord:    ‘Impro 122’  19.18(album Solstitivm) 
Transcend With Time:   ‘Besides Us’  25.41 
Transcend with Time:  ‘Upon The Cimmerian’ 32.51( album When Emotion’s Fade)
MaEasy:  ‘Sirus’ 38.36 
Erik Wollo: ‘ Along The Journey’ 43.05 (album Timelines) 
Erik Wollo:  ‘Capricorn/Province’ 49.15 (album Solstice, Remastered) *** 
Steve Roach & Kelly David:   ‘The Long Night’ 58.02 (album The Long Night) *** 
Tegh:   ‘Conn’ 65.58  (album Night Scenes) 
Alpha Wave Movement:   ‘Finale Transmission’  73.09 (album Celestial Chronicles) 
Martin Castro:   ‘Agua’  79.24  (album ‘KROM’) 
Alio Die & Sylvi Alli:    ‘La grotta delle Naiadi’ 84.49 (album Amidst The Circling Spires) 
Alba Ecstasy:   ‘Neutral Particles’  96.00  (album Berlin School Poetry) 
Hawkdream:    ‘Hour Of A Dream’ 103.44*** 
Lomita & Antony Walters:    ‘Departure’  109.41 
Playman54:    ‘Avalon Dream’ 122.59 

Sequences Podcast No 42  11/02/2014

Node: ’Shinkansen West’ (album Node 2) 
Moonbooter:  ‘Eternized in Crystal’  10.40 (album ‘Still Alive’) 
Moonbooter:   ‘Born’ 18.34 “      “      “
Kira:  ‘Healer’ (album Spark Of Curiosity) 22.51 
Kira: ‘Mischievous’  “     “     “    29.33
Craig Padilla:  ‘Wandering Thought’  34.14 (album Below The Mountain) *** 
Craig Padilla: ‘Angel In My Eyes’  39.50(album The Heart Of The Soul) ***
Ann Grace: ‘Embracing The Stars’ 47.57
Christopher Alvardo:  ‘Celestial Sphere’  52.05 (album Creation By Inertia)
Heavens Air:  ‘Angelic Whispers’ 60.28
Heavens Air: ‘Heavenly Motion’ 64.40
Thomas Jung: ‘The Dry Land’ 68.11 (album Painting The Sun)
Wandering Wind & WMRI:  ‘Entrance To The Light World’ 78.46 (album Luminutopia) ***
Mark Dorricott, Ms King & Stan Dart:   ‘Memories Of Tomorrow’  87.19 (album Midnight) 
Julian Ray:   ‘Space Wanderer’  96.42
Julian Ray:  ‘Poll Of Eternity’  105.50
Ivan Black: ‘The Rise Of The Kraken’  113.22 (album ’Titans’) *** 
Jaja:  ‘Gravity’  119.52 (album Here) ***
Christopher Alvardo & Stephen Briggs: ‘The Gallery Of Time’126.49

Edit ***

Sequences podcast  No 41  05/02/2014

Manuel Gottsching  Live at the Ambient Festival, Poland 2013 2.29
Syndromeda  ‘Again & Again’ 11.06 (album No More Frontiers) ***
Syndromeda Joy For All 18.26 (album The Resurrection) ***
Thy Veils  ‘Nest Choir’ 30.20 (album Lumine) ***
Thy Veils ‘Deep Space’  42.01 (album Mountain & Cloud) ***
Darage Bang  ‘Summoning Ritual’ 49.55 (album Phosphenes)
Paul Ellis  ‘The Infinite Minute By Minute’ 57.40 (album From Out Of The Vast Comes Nearness) ***
Stephen Buckner ‘Heaven Vs Hell’   66.18
Stephen Buckner ‘Stacys Lullaby’ 69.25
Timothy Wenzel  ‘The Twilight Pause’ 72.50
Timothy Wenzel  ‘The Bridge To Our Dreams’  77.13 (album River Serene)
Jesper Sorensen ‘Lone Voyage’ 80.41 (album Synthology)
Jesper Sorensen  ’Shadows’  88.11        “       “        “
Sonus Lab Space In Transition 92.06 ***
DigitalSimplyWorld ‘Konradopulosuss’ 99.45  (album Tout Devient La Musique Remastered)
Daniel Dorobantu  ‘Acasa’ 107.35
Robert Carty ‘Beautiful Attractor’ 115.38 (album In Neptune’s Wake)
Maciej Braciszewski  ‘Expedition To Kiev’  122.08 (album AD 1025)
Maciej Braciszewski  ‘Spear of Destiny’  126.26(album AD 1000
Entspannung Pur  Floating Images 130.18 (album Pure Relaxation) ***
John Dyson ‘Reprise for Jack’  137.04

Edit ***

Sequences Podcast no 40  08/01/2014

Stan Dart ‘Sequences 2014’   2.22
Andy Pickford  ‘No One Can Hear You 7.43 (album Terraforma)
Andy Pickford  ‘Cephaloastral’  12,46  (album Dystopia)
Andy Pickford ‘Redshaft Part 2’  19.59 (album Vahalla)
Erez Yarry   ‘Particle’  26.38 (album Signal)
Ambient Indigo ‘Vermillion Sky’   35.34
Forrest Smithson  ’Dreaming Time’   41.48 (album Dreaming Time) ***
Frequency  ‘Floating Images’ 49.13
Frequency ‘Remember Me’ 51.44
Paul Ellis  ‘She Who Watches’ 56.27 (album I Am Here) ***
The Roswell Incident  ‘It Wasn’t Meant  To Happen’  65.07 (album The Crash) ***
The Roswell Incident ‘Stranger In A Strange World’ 74.20  (album Hunted) ***
Nheap" ‘Origin Of Water’  83.13 (album Flying And The Silence)
Jampy Keys ‘Beyond The Outer Imagination of Dreams’   88.10 (album Outer Limits)
Ambient Indigo ‘Moonbeams from the Larger Lunacy’ 94.03
John 3-16 ‘The Holy Mountain’  101.07
Second Face ‘Emotional Changes’  107.09
Second Face ‘Crystallisation’. 113.49
Cosmo Moose ‘Ripples In The Sky’  118.05(album Cosmic Invasion)
Cosmo Moose ‘Closing The Hatch’ 123.19

Excerpt ***

Sequences Podcast no 39  06/01/2014

David Helpling & Jon Jenkins ‘Found’  2.01 (album Found) 
David Helpling & Jon Jenkins ‘The Opening’ 8.00  “     “
Florent Lelong ‘Spacious’  12.52
Astro Voyage ‘Winged Horse’  18.25 
Alexandre Dominios  pt4’   22.17 (album ‘Univers Paralleles) 
Alexandre Dominios   pt7’  26.43      “        “        “       “
Bernd Kistenmacher  ‘Born From Chaos’  30.26  (album Utopia) *** 
Pillion  ‘Buick 57’ (album Halcyon) 38.09 *** 
Pillion  ‘A New Dawn’  43.03  “       “       ***
Anantakara & Mukti 46.25 ‘Unlock An Immortal’ Seal   ***
Anantakara & Mukti  ‘She Met Her Secret Soul’    51.22 ***
Ivan Black ‘Under The Spacial Sleep’ 57.27  (album True Love) *** 
Alpha Lyra  ‘Departure To Sirius’  64.45  (album Music For The Stars 11) ***
Lutz Thuns  ‘The Silent Scent Of Olives pt1’  72.43
Subsonic Winter  ‘Act 1V’  78.31  (albumThe crossing of Beringia 
Ivan Black ‘Rhythm Of The City Nights’  83.37  (album Constellations)
Gerd Weyhing ‘Forbidden Tracks’  90.15 ***
Anton Grever ‘Ame en Galaxie’  97.50 
ARD2 ‘Curfew’  102.24  (album Night lights) 
Steve Orchard  ‘In The Bleak Midwinter’  107.08  (album ‘Late On Christmas Eve) 


Sequences Podcast no 38   09/12/2013

Johan Tronstam & Kuutana ‘Astral Gates’ 1.55  (album Cosmic Touch)
Ryo Utasato & Kuutana ‘Liquid Fire’  9.43  (album Cosmic Touch)
Jesper Sorensen  ‘Skyrider’ 16.04 (album Skyrider)
Jesper Sorensen    ‘Preparation’ 20.57 (album Skyrider)
Thomas Lemmer ‘Deep Water’ 25.35 (album Still)
Thomas Lemmer  ‘Lunar Eclipse’ 30.36 (album Still)
Perceptual Defence  ‘A Deep Meditative Departure’ 35.25 (album Physis) ***
Juta Takahashi ‘Hymn’ 42 34 (album Hymn) ***
DigitalSimplyWorld ‘Control Panel’ 49.35 (Utopia)
Paul Stills  ‘Into Dusk’ 55.54 (A Sketchbook Of Summer)
Ron Berry ‘Gateway to the East’ 63.57 (album Temples)
John Dyson ‘Leaving The Pod’ 69.24 ( album Darklight)
Thought Guild  ‘Vapour Trails’  77.07  (album Electric Curios)
Thought Guild  ‘Netherworld Passage’  82.55 (album Electric Curios)
Steve Palmer ‘Winter Solstice pt1’ 84.13 (album Winter Solstice) ***
Perceptual Defence ‘Approaching the Mysterious & Impressive Building'. 94.44 ***
Jack Hertz ‘Birdman Ritual Sacrifice’ 103.05 (album Cahokia)
Baskyl  ‘Traces Of Love and Light’  111.25 (album Infinity)
Baskyl ‘Steps To The Sky’  115.22( album Infinity)


Sequences Podcast no 37  25/11/2013

Battery Dead ‘Liquid Light’  1.30(album Shades) 
TMA & Friends  ‘Arctic Voyage’ 9.14  (album 4F Live) 
Otarion ‘Out Of Eden’ 16.07 (album Out Of Eden) 
Faber ‘Desire’ 23.14 (album Pictures) 
La Luna e Le Stelle  ‘Solar Rays’ 30.55 (album Topographic Universe)
Fornax Void ‘Meeting The Cyborgs’ 38.23  (album Memory Machine) 
Beyond Berlin ‘Clippings’  43.31 (album Cosmic Nights) 
Divine Matrix ‘Ocean Bound’ 53.18 (album Hydrosphere) 
Sylvain Carel  ‘All Those Thousands Of Stars’ 59.41 (album Time and Tide) 
Di Zed  ‘Dormer’ 67.16(album Hydrargyrum) 
Mimmo D’lppolito  ‘Memories Gone’ 73.27 (project Eternalkeys)
Mimmo D’lppolito ‘Ocean Relic’ 76.23 (project Eternalkeys)
Vadimir Shtykov ‘City Under The Moon’ 80.25
Alexis Nembrode ‘Defrost’ 85.34
Michael Law ‘The Lake’ 93.10 (album The Silver Path) 
Marc De Metsenaere ‘Exosphere’ 99.21
Francois Ten Have ‘Salvaging’ 106.14 

Sequences Podcast no 36  12/11/2013

Uwe Rechzeh  ‘From Iceland’ 2.26  (album Virtual Minds) ***
Michael Shipway  ‘Before The Battle’ 11.17  (New Worlds Project)
New Age Hippies  ‘Planet Earth’ 15.36 (chill out Mix)  (album Entrance)
Within Reason  ‘Aura’ 25,20 (album substrate: Collected Elements)
Cosmo Frequency  ‘Within The Veil’ 33.24 (album Soundtrack To Life)
Cosmo Frequency  ‘Mt Emotion pt’ 1 39.04      “           “        “       “
Jack Hertz & Cousin Silas  ‘Light Beams’ (album The Quiet Forest)
JaJa  ‘Choral’ 45.12 (album Talis) ***
Rudolf Heimann ‘Voyage To Vinland’  52.51 (album Into The Unknown)
Joost Egelie  ‘Alpha’ 59.20 (album Particles)
Michael Meara   ‘Chryse Planitia’  67.30 (album Nocturnal Panorama)  ***
Olivier Briand & Bertrand Loreau ‘Inferences Pt3’ 76.18 (album Inferences)
Auto Pilot ‘Fly My Kite’ 84.28 (album 8-ZERO)
Tylas Cydrone  ‘Ghost Ship’ 89.10 (album Pools Of Diversity)
Juta  Takahashi  ‘Transcendence’ 96.34 (album Transcendence) ***
Bouvetoya ‘Kraterisen’ 103.27 (abum Subtractivate)
Claudio Casanueva ‘The Land Of The Titans’ 112.29
Claudio Casanueva ‘Into My Dreams’ 117.34
Wolfgang Gsell  ‘First Movement1’ 22.30( album In The Omnispheres) ***
KueBass ‘Return To Me’ 130.51(album Were Is Here)


Sequences Podcast No 35  04/11/2013

Grzegoirz Majcherczyk  Heroica  2.04  (album Cinematic) 
Grzegoirz Majcherczyk To Descend  5.34   “           “
Darage Bang Nosce Te Ipsum 8.00  (album Glory Drones)   
CJ Roberts Feel The Vibes 16.28  (album Sense)
Psychadelik Pedestrian Druids March 23.32 (album Return of Chillout) 
Baumann Electronics  Zeitgeistangst  28.18 
Wojciech Kania Neptune 36.51 
Ian Boddy & Markus Reuter Beacon 44.00  (album Colour Division) 
Sundown Cafe Summer Dream 52.42  (Close To Your Heart) 
Mazumi Lagrimas Del Alma 58.45  (album Bravura Apasionada) 
Max Corbacho  The Endless flame 63.38   (album The Ocean Inside)
Max Corbacho  Deep Blue Home 71.40          “        “       “         “
Uwe Gronau  Heaven   80.24 (album Flight 14) 
Uwe Gronau  Market 84.20         “         “
Wolf Project  Autumn Leaves 87 .56 (album Silent Temple) 
Wolf Project  Floh 92.16 “          “         “
Paul Ellis  Seven Moonlit Landscapes 6 97.37 (album Seven Moonlit Landscapes)
Ivan Black Flow  103.48  (album Beneath Crystals Lakes)
Meg Bowles Venus Rising 111.39(album The Shimmering Land) *** 
Harald Nies Evening Departure 116.39 (album NightTrain)   


Sequences Podcast No 34  14/10/2014

Johan Tronestam  'The Road to Germany' 2.35  (album Impressions) 
Johan Tronestam  'Clouds' 8.10                                    ''           "
Remote Spaces 'Silos'13.38  (album Silos) 
Stan Dart    Underworld '21.28' 
DigitalSimplyWorld  'The City Dark Synth' 30,00  (album The City Dark Synth) *** 
Michael Law 'Ecological Lament' 37.32 
Peter Challoner 'Inception 02'  42.18 (album Livescapes_ Inception) *** 
Christopher Alvardo  'Frozen Fields' 49.40  (album Translucence) 
Polaris & Krzysztof Horn  'Berolina Train' 53.57 (album Collision (live) *** 
Navigator  'Teta Radiation, mixed by Joxbox'  62.36
Sumerian Gods 'Stranger Than Science' 72.02
Void Of Realms  'Human Beast' 78.21 (album Between Worlds, Beyond Shadows' 
Spiral Dreams 'Somewhere Someone/Red'  85.53
Lomita & Detlev Everling  'Spirit of Soul'  91.42
Krzysztof Horn   'Arpematik Pt3  Ricochet Gatherings 2004 Live' 98.43 ***       
Ujjaya  'Rak Sha Bandhan ' 108.45 (album The Master Of the Crossroads) 
Spiraleye  'Four' 114.26 (album Connective) *** 
Baskyl  'Well m20 02 2e' 121.41
Piotr 'BioComp' Lewandowski  'The Ou Cafe' 125.47 ttp://
Przemyslaw Rudz  Sowers Of Interstellar Intellects' 131.09 (album Paintings) ***


Sequences Podcast No 33  18/09/2013

Ashra Kongo Bongo 2.17  (DVD Correlations In Concert) ****
Andy Pickford Terraformer 8.01 (album Terraformer)
Steve Jolliffe ab imo pectore 14.55  ( album same name) ****
Unknown Mystery Track 22.36
Damian Skrynski A Moment Of Freedom  30.28   (album Touching The Clouds)
Michael Bruckner Separation /Distance Part 2  34.46   (album Ombra)
Michael Bruckner L'etoile Inconnue  40.34   (album R is For "Rocket" & S is For "Space")
Synthesizerman First Light On A Frozen Pine 44.57
Kelvin L Smith Between Worlds/In Motion 50.12    (album Lapis Lazuli)
Artiria  (album Artirial) 57.01
Janus Truth Seeking 64.37     (album Alien Chronicles)                      
Janus   Is Anyone There 70.26  "      "        "       "
Cosmic Octave Orchestra  Cassinidrive 74.34    (album Gaiatron Live) ****
MDM Stellar Wind 82.16   (album Lunar Orbit')
Ralf  Grauglanz  Piripiri 87.08   (album Voyage)
Matt Robertson Not Joining 93.05   (album Forecast)
Matt Robertson After  96.26                  "                 "
Vladimir Shtykov  Orbital Symphony 100.05
Blue Arkangel In Principio 105.24   (album Ad Infinitum)
Sonus Lab Silence 112.10
Althea  Streaming Water 122.05   (album Buddha Dances)

Excerpt ****

Sequences Podcast No 32  19/08/2013

Translunar 'To Galaxy, Halo Remix' 2.04
Jonteknik 'Broadcast' 8.25 (album The Satellites Of Substance)
The Beyond '528hz Acension' 12.47 ( album Exploring Imagined Spaces)
Hoshiko Yamane 'The Green Fairy' 20.02
Sundown Cafe 'Cosmic Touch' 24.57
Midera 'Veiled Grief' 30.45
Midera 'Infinite Horizons' 36.24
Vigor Calma 'Universe' 39.17
Naming Ghosts 'The Light & Shadows' 46.46 (album Naming Ghost)
Phillip Wilkerson 'A Dream' 52.46 ( album Daybook)
John 3:16 'Guardian' 57.20
Lauro Giovanetti 'Lights & Shadows' 63.34
Lauro Giovanetti 'Dozza- Art On A Wall' 66.19
Kuutana 'A Beautiful Day On New Earth' 71.13 (album Undiscovered Shores)
Matzumi 'If Synthesiser Could Cry' 76.07
Cousin Silas 'The Ninth Door' 84.57 (album Whispers Fall) ***
Levante Toth 'Bradbury Fahrenheit 451' 92.45 (album Ex Libris)
Jonteknik 'The Stars Are Not Alone' 100.12 (album The Satellites Of Substance)
Emm'z Dullaghan 'Kundulini' 104 27

*** excerpt

Sequences Podcast No 31  19/08/2013

Andy Pickford 'Drifting' 1.51 (album Lughnasad) 
Robert Fox 'Weeping Dragon' 7.35 (album Still Waters) 
Alexis Nembrode 'Choral Reef' 16.15
Rewo 'Water Festivities' 19.14 (album Earth Festivities) 
The Beyond 'Permafrost' 29.15 (album Absolute Zero) 
Duncan Mep 'Voices Of The Angels' 36.22 
Christopher Alvardo & Ari Porki 'New Beginning' 40.32 (album Menagerie Of Clouds)  
Alpha Wave Movement 'Movement 1' 48.27 (album Architexture of Silence)  ***
Tangram 'Lustbient' 56.11 (album Lustbient)
Tangram 'Overdrive' 59/18 ( album Lustbient)
Mark Dorricott & Stan Dart 'What Lies Beneath' 64.09 (album Events)
Struck & MoeMixes 'Interior Highway' 70.43 
Stan Dart 'Movement 3' 75.03 (album Launch Approval)*** 
Realtime 'Galactic Moon' 83.41 (album Solar Walk) 
Acheloo 'Life' 90.40 (album Dream) 
Acheloo 'Into The Light' 94.04 (album Dream)
Christopher Alvardo Pixiu 'With Fortune' 98.00 (album Ancient Doors)
Cousin Silas & Christopher Alvardo 'Sun Dog' 101.59  
Tastenklang 'Melancholic Moments' 109.21( album Inspirations) 
E-tiefengrund 'Early Fluotuations' 116.30 (album Voltage Sessions) 

Sequences Ladies Special Podcast No 30  06/08/2013

Click image to download PDF about Podcast No 30

Ryo Utasato 'Remembering' 1.37 www.
Ryo Utasato 'Blue Montage' 5.12
Bekki Williams 'Ephemeris' 7.49 ( album On Edge Of Human)
Stephanie Sante 'Opening' 10.45 (album Inner Beauty)
Bekki Williams 'A Breath Away' 18.16 (album Innersense) 
Stephanie Sante 'Link with Me' 22.35 (album Cosmic Diva)
JAJA 'Gravity' 26.17  ***
Gaylene 'Where Flowers Grow' 34.16
Kathy Raimey 'Sustainable Space Two' 37.57 (album It Is Always Now) 
Celestial View 'White Sailboat Out On The Blue Sea' 43.45 
Dolores Castro 'Stars' 48.08 (album Fifth Dimension) 
Iotronica 'Super Moon' 52.53
Laura Escude 'Pororoca' 60.03 (album Pororoca)
Matzumi 'A Friday Afternoon' 65.18 
Macu 'Air' 69.08 
Mira-Katharina Langnau 'K.S'. 75.34 
Barbara Zielinska-Van 'Transformations 1' 83.26 ( album Secret Garden) 
Barbara Zeilinska-Van 'Transformations 2' 88.01
Cadenced Haven 'Virtual Reality' 91.13 (album Peregrination) 
Lomita 'Apollo' 96.39 
Astromill 'Ice Station Zebra' 104.36 (album Free)  
Xelomen 'Without You' 110.30
Meg Bowles 'Undulant Sea' 114.37 (album Shimmering Land) 
Soundician 'Insects' 121.06 (album Insects) 
Sabine Klare 'Auf Dem Weg Nach Arkana' 129.50 

Sequences Podcast No 29

Click images to download PDF about Podcast No 29

Wavestar 'Chase The Evening' 3.04 (album Moonwind) 
Alba Ecstasy 'Serpens Cauda' 12.56 (album The Epsilon Project) 
Alba Ecstasy 'Vintage Dreams' 17.50 " " " " "
Dave Smith 'Voyage into Protoplasm' 21.33
Brent Allen Scott 'Epic Storm' 31.53
Levente Toth 'The Last Flight of Columbia' 36.11 (album Explorers)
Sequential Dream 'The Singing Bells Of Mars' 43.11 (album Fantastic Stories)  
Simon Lomax 'Still LIght' 49.47 (album Zone of Cold) 
Kevin Lux 'Begin' 54.45 (album Zenith) 
Vigor Calma 'Atme' 59.20 
Kamarius 'The Unseen' 68.05 (album Colourful Feeling)  
The Grey Encounter 'Velocity Dispersion' 78.46 ***
Remy 'Temptation' 86.55 (album My Breath My Music) 
Auroric Dreams 'Outpost' 94.41 (album Outpost)
Coral Cave 'Wake Up' 97.31 (album The 4th Live)  
Bertrand Loreau 'Semblance Of A Mysterious Dream' 102.52 (album Nostalgic Steps) 
Subsonic Winter 'The New Creed' 110.03 (album New Creed) <
Mythos 'Mellotron Mystique' 116.19 (album Grand Prix) 

Excerpt ***

Sequences podcast 28 July 2013

Pegasus 'Everest' 2.08 (album Emphasis)
Blue Arkangel 'Cadence' 9.23
Michael Neil 'Sisyphus' 15.58 (album Sisyphus) ***
Sankt Otten 'Du Hast Mich Gemacht' 22.56 (feat. Jaki Liegezeit) (album Messias Maschine)
Kuutana 'Moonrise' 28.35 (album Moonrise)
Jah Buddha 'Perception' 34.30 Time pt 1
Fritz Mayr 'Dream Tunnel' 42.55 (album Ambient Realms)
Kamarius 'Deha Puja' 50.54 (album Wine Of the Mystic)
Cousin Silas 'Dagmar Dream' 59.30
Brent Allen Scott 'Jupiter's Eye' 69.20
Boris Lelong 'Incubation' 77.05 (album Incubation) ***
Sonus Lab 'Cosmic Convention' 85.18
Hagen Von Bergen 'Airbrush' 90.14 (album Jetzt)

Excerpt ***

Sequences podcast 27 June 2013

Andy Pickford 'Voyager' 2.18 (album Maelstrom Remastered)
Maciej Breciszewski 'AD Beatus Adalbertus' 8.30
Maciej Breciszewski 'Welcome Back' 11.45
Levente 'Heart of Orion' 15.33 (Album Places)
Levente 'Outland' 24.18 (album Explorers)
Fred Essser ''Cooled Off One Star' 32.06
Steen Chorchendorff Jorgensen 'Floating Minds' 40.05
SpiralDreams 'Microwave Omen' 47.16
Rene Splinter 'Scenic Reels' 52.33(album Modern Ruins)
Richard Pinhas 'Moog' 59.47(album Desolation Row) ***
Jesper Sorensen 'Fleeting Shadows' 67.15 (album Twilight)
Lutz Thuns 'Farbenland' 70.53
Johan Tronestam 'Clouds' 77.31
Bob Hedger 'Buddha Clouds' 83.22
Harald Seeliger 'Atmosphere' 92.18


Sequences podcast 26 June 2013

Henric Unreleased 2.39
E-Musikgruppe Lux Ohr: Durch Den Kosmischen Dunst 9.26 (album Kometenbahn) 
Anima: Inner Light 20.36 (album Light of Aluna)  ***
Dosia McKay: Lacrimosa 30.28 (album Lacrimosa)
Rene Splinter: Singularities 35.52 (album Singularities) ***
Mimmo D'ippolitio: Monumental Sign 45.15 (album Arcanum Secret)
Melotone: Child of Light/ Closer to my Soul 47.31
Audio Cologne Project: Spieluhr 54.41 ( album 2911)  ***
Electron7: Process in Progress 64.32 (album Recto-Verso)
MK Kikai: Love4Cello 71.44
Secondface: Colourful Island 74.50
Kuutana Flow: 81.31 (album Waking Sun)
Hagen Von Bergen: For an Hour Her Face Looks Strange 87.18 (album Hargest Darken) < ***
Erik Tavis: Orion 95.51


Sequences podcast 25 May 2013

Mark Shreeve 'Icon' (album Legion),
Ian Boddy 'Destination Zero' (album Liverdelphia)
Morphieusmusic 'Whisper In the Breeze'
Skydrive 'Urban City Nights'
Dean De Benedictis 'A moment is Final (mix2)' (album Surface 10)
Sequential Dreams 'Aurora Borealis' (album Aurora)
Martino Vergnaghi 'Garden of Memories' (album A garden of Dreams)
Shaping Mind 'One of a Sudden'
Kuutana 'Dreamtime' (album Dreamscapes Vol 1)
E-Motion 'Time is a Dimension we can Bend'.
Glimmer Room 'Marianna, Pleases Get Some Help/Borrowed Time'
Xbrainwaves 'Spring-Cello and Guitar'
Synestem 'Spacenights' (album Spaceports)
Musicvisions 2047 'New Assault'

Sequences podcast 24 May 2013

Merge 'Barophobia' 2.33 (album In The Lap Of The Gods)
Keller & Schonwalder 'Chill Out' 11.43 (album The Reason Why) ***
Nord 'Trance Mission' 21.24
Tegh 'Someday' 29.56
Nattefrost 'Ghost Mind /Westhofen' 34.47 (album Futurized)
Nino Martino 'Mirrors' 45.15
Broekhuis, Keller & Schonwalder 'Tea with an Unknown Girl' 50.33 (album Eglise De Betzdorf) **
Within Reason 'Assign Emotion' 59.09 (album Transient Broadcasts)
Hajo Liese & Alien Nature 'Pt 2' 67.09 (album Authentics) ***
Digital Horizon 'Turquoise' 75.09
Glimmer Room 'Return to Cromley Hall' 81.46(album 'A Return To Cromley Hall' ) **
Meesha 'The Dispatcher/Reversed Interference' 88.56 (album Ether)
ElectroCelt 'Subzero Limits' 95.23


Sequences podcast 23 May 2013

Steve Jolliffe 3.10 Eye 2. (album /DVD Eye) ***
Venja 9.37 Zen. (album Mode Zen)
TMA feat Martinson 13.57 Trip To New Shores. (album RaL 5002)
Volt 20.51 Boson. (album Particles ) ***
Unune 30.20 So Shall Be Thou Grave. (album More Rites Before Purgatory)
Fanger & Schonwalder feat Cosmic Hoffman 38.46 (Pre-Earshot Mix). (album Earshot)
Alpha Wave Movement 48.03 What was Once Here. (album Exiled Particles)
Broekhuis, Keller & Schonwalder 52.32 Im Fruhling. ( DVD Live Berlin/Culemborg) **
ElectroCelt 62.03 Slow Transitions.
Alpha Wave Movement 65.20 Tranquility Temple. (album Yasumu) ***
Dean De Benedictus 74.33 Gigacosm. (Surface Tension)
Tegh 81.00 Illustrations.
Digital Horizons 89.20Twin Spirits.


Sequences podcast 22 April 2013

Dream Recorder. Can Atilla (album Live)
Code Indigo. Welcome to the Asylum/Meltdown (album Meltdown)
Baskyl After. The Rush
Flying Species.Return to the Lost Anchorage
Mike Andrews.On the Edge (album How Are You)
Paul Sills, Stalactites (album White Light)
Paul Sills. Celestial ( album Meridian)
Nisus. Black Body Ballad (album Electronic Medication)
Stephen Savage Ponder (album Future Memory)
Silentaria. What's Real (album What's Real)
Rudiger Gleisberg. Symphonic Arts (remix)
Translunar. Synthetic album Terrformers
Richard Bone. Unknown Waters (album Anthology)
ToXyGeNeDK. Synthesiser www,
Steve Orchard. Realm (album Beyond The Realms Of Angels)

Sequences Podcast 21 April 2013

Eric Snelders Universal Crying (album Arms of Venus)
JaJa Revelation (album Oum)
Arnaud Van Beek jmj 30
Jack Hertz Swamp Gas & Ecosystem
Arnaud Van Beek Earth
Alexandre Dominois Reflection
LPF12 All memories of you are Just Lightyears Away
Lars DF We Had The World
Eyes Cast Down First Day Apart/ Expanse of Heart. (album The Separate One) ***
Silentaria Sabine
Michael Law Celtic Migration
Steve Moore Ancient Shorelines (album Light Echoes) ***
Matt Borgi & Michael Teager Percipice (album Convocation)


Sequences Podcast 20 March 2013

Robert Fox 2.33 The Fire and The Rose (album Fire & The Rose)
Jaja 7.46 Entity (album Ascend)
Johan Tronestam 17.23 Nordic Legends (album Roots & Legends from the North)
Johan Tronestam 25.04 Roots & Legends
Claudia Kretzer 28.56 Aurora
Steve Palmer 38.41 Earthsky pt1 (album Earthsky)
Lars DF 47.54 Are you Analog (album Legacy)
Jaja 51.57 Special (album Init)
Jesper Sorensen 58.12 In the Beginnning (album The Inner Voice)
Sonus Lab 63.15 Earth Rotation
Ru Weedekind 72.43 Leave Me Alone
Alexandre Dominois 75.31 Theremin Activity
Jampy Keys 80.38 Into the Future
????? 85.15

Sequences Podcast 19 March 2013

Jim Kirkwood 2.00 Requiem For An Immortal ( )
Pedjia Cbwjovic 9.37 Nayade
Sonus Lab 16.35 Stratosphare ***
Craig Padilla & Zero Ohms 25.47 Terraforming (album The Earth is Far Away) ***
Mira Katharina Langnau 34.59 Moments Passin By
Baskyl (aka Wolfgang Krenz) 39.06 Solaris Underground
Michael Neil 43.49 Briongl-id-Donegal (album Between Sleeping & Walking) www.michae
Paul Lawler 52.51 Gather Darkness (Gather Darkness re-mastered)
Andrey Klimkovsky 61.52 Full Moon (album Music Of Celestial Spheres 2 ) www.neane
Tony Gerber 66.32 Cloud Explorer (album Synergy of Light)
Paul Lawler & Paul Nagle 75.48 Jam Sessions Vol1 Improvisation 2 ***
Jesper Sorensen 84.16 New Hope (album New Time)
D.Z. 91.14 Sahara (album Alongside)


Sequences Podcast 18 February 2013

John Dyson 2.00 I.F.O (album Evolution)
Robert Scott Thompson 11.05 Strange Lines & Distances (album Upon theEdge Of Night) ***
Intelligentsia 20.00 Love Heroine (Vox Celestis Mix) (ep Badlands)
Andrey Klimkovsky 25.58 Twilight (album Music Of Celestial Spheres 1) www.neane ***
Kikai 36.21 Cry Of the Snow Lion
Jesper Sorensen 43.38 Epimetheus (album The World of Electron)
Jesper Sorensen 47.38 Nightshift (album Origin}
Timothy Wenzel 53.02 A Coalescence of Dreams (album same name)
Taufik Adam Minstrel 57.55 Pass
Soundician 60.49 Footprints/Fragile (album The Speaking Earth)
Tone Fabric 67.09 Zoohouse (album Voss)
Rudy Enusedo 73.39 Call of the Northern Star pt2
Ru Weedekind 78.11 Aurora (Deep pressure mix)
Ru Weedekind 81.06 Playa Alcudia
Mark Jenkins 84.28 Samba Protocol (album Exigene)


Sequences Podcast 17 February 2013

Download the PDF for this Podcast by clicking here

The music of Indra
1 - 9 The Tantric Celebration special edition series.

1 True Heart .39 CD 1 True Heart
2 Nectar Point 10.00 CD 2 Tara
3 Casyopeea 20.57 CD 3 Pura Sundari
4 Profundis 29.36 CD 4 Bhuvaneshvari
5 The Steady Man 39.23 CD 5 Tripura Bhairavi
6 Link to the Hidden Blue 48.57 CD 6 Chinnamasta
7 The Other World 57.55 CD 7 Dhumavati
8 Birth of Earth 66.17 CD 8 Bagalamukhi
9 The Wonder Spell 75.10 CD 9 Matangi

Reclusion 86.07 The Pyramide Concert Denmark.
Magneto 95.53 Live at the Salt Mines Turda

Most of the tracks here are edited versions of the originals.

Sequences Podcast 16 January 2013

Synco Mysterious Invention 2.12 (album 85 to 89)
Computerchemist Six Phase Mains 11.56 (album Signatures1)
Robert Scott Thompson Lament/ Effluence 19.31(album Blue Day Remastered.)
Uwe Gronau Under the Pont Neuf/ Night Visions 29.20 (album Visions)
Alba Ecstasy  Perseus Arm 37.37
Darkhalf Cereberus 45.53 (album Spectres)
Arcane House on a Barren Hill 55.15 (album A Tale of Unease)
Dean De Benedictus Grid Holy 4 60.33
Andreas Akwara Kepler Raum 67.25
Altocirrus Stars Hell Ride 77.47
TMA Berlin Ku-Damm 86.56
Computerchemist Need of the Many 91.33 (album Signatures 11)

Sequences Podcast 15 December 2012

Bas Broekhuis Esher Drawings pt4 1.39 (album Esher Drawings)
Walter Christian Rothe Eagles 6.28 (album Zebra)
Thomasz Pauszek Music for Subway 12.15
Anders Isberg Anhedonia 16.40
Antonio Perez Muniz Planeta Libre 22.52
Chronotope Project Trance Missions 28.06 (album Chrysalis)
Psicodreamics Samhain Ecstasy 35.46
Psicodreamics Forest Heartbeat 40.14
Nord Sequences pt2 46.26
Kogyo Aural 55.52
Alexandre Bischof The Kiss Of the Sphinx 62.24
SkyFlair Out of Time Out of Space 66.43
StarSpace Drive Subltion 71.20
Anita Bekklund Infinity 76.13
Mike Fleischman Stone Ghosts 81.49
Velvet Voyage Productions From outer Space 86.22

Sequences Podcast 14 November 2012

Mark Shreeve: Assassin 2.15 excerpt (album Assassin)
Harvey Bainbridge: Live at EMMA 4 8.44 excerpt , unreleased
Best Before: Kundalini Me 15.15 (album The End Of The World) 1995
Airsculpture: Live at Alley Cat Studios 14/10/95. 20.33
Battery Dead: Fata Morgana 28.23 (album Deep Discharge)
Damian Skrzynski: Wait Before You Sleep 36.03 (album Touching The Clouds)
Bertraund Loreau: Le Ciel Est Jaune d'un Liquide Inconnu Pt2 41.57 (album Journey Through the Past)
Shane Morris: The Circuitry of Consciousness 47.27 (album Approaching Singularity)
Battery Dead: Evidence of Life 51.41 (album Sands of Deception)
Ramp: Halo Inductor 57.44 (album Astral Disaster)
Andreas Baaden: Antastica 65.34 (album Polarlicht)
Shane Morris: Vibrational 72.28 (album Complexe Silence 20)
Dreamer Project: The Road to Your Heart 79.05 (album Road to Your Heart)

Sequences Podcast 13 November 2012

Mythos Fukushima Sea (Live) 1.46 (album Surround Sound Evolution)
Johan Tronestram Pulsar 9.42 (album Far Away)
Bernd Kistenmacher Compressed Fluid excerpt 15.31 (album Let it Out)
Darshan Ambient The Immense Window 22.23 (album Falling Light)
Kebu Samba Saturn 29.13 (album To Jupiter and Back)
Broekhuis & Schonwalder Philadelphia excerpt 34.43
Bryan Carrigan Into The Light 40.17 (album Windows)
Char-el Skyspirit 46.48 (album Heaven and Earth)
Char-el The Infinite 50.37 (album Heaven and Earth)
Damian Tangram I Need You. 57.38
Michael Bruckner Agens 64.55 (album Eleventh Sun)
Flying Species Enigmatic Subterranean 73.16 (album Connected Universe)
Kubass Loving Off 80.29
Altres Live at the Awakenings 85.47

Sequences Podcast 12 November 2012

Cosmonaut Transfer The Wind Talks 1.03 (album The Sky Want Us)
Art of Infinity Sternenhalle 9.00 (album Raumwerk)
Max Corbacho Reborn to Expansion. 13.33 (album The Talisman)
The Emergency Dawn of Slime 22.48 (album Last Exit)
Divine Soma Experience Icaro 8.08 (album Welcome to the Land Of Dragons)
Chronos Shamanic State of Mind 36.55 Excerpt
Rudy Adrian Forgotten Islands 45.20 (remix) www,rudyadrian.magix,net
Tangram Regrets Are Just The Start 48.37 (album Layers)
Space Megalithe Vagabond Du Temps 53.44
Alman Mulo Band An Integrated Smart Dream 64.01 (album Diamonds & Toads)
Hery Randriambololona Raksha Bandhan 69.03 (album Le Maitre des Carrefours)
Cosmonaut Transfer Deep Space Pt3 80.54 (album Deep Space)
The Beards & Julian Poulson Betrayal 89.00 (album Muskito)

Sequences Podcast 11 November 2012

Craig Padilla 1.48 Patterns of Thought pt1 unreleased
Robert Schroeder 11.10 Carbon Dioxide (album Ferro Oxid)
Sylvain Carel 16.22 Nucleogenesis ( album After the Midnight Various Artist)
Divine Matrix 22.31 Fractal Dream " " " " " "
Ger Led StudioF 28.36 Dance with Anita
Subsonic Winter 36.38 Providence & Virtue
Diane Arkenstone & Steven Cravis 41.40 The Gift
David Wright 48.04 Confusing Ambiguity/ Picture Thinkers (album Connection)
Phobos 56.35 Hells Gate (album Darker)
Rolf Trosel 62.18 Artmeta/Skizo (album Inselmusic)
Steve Roach 69.30 Cloud Motion (album Now)
T Bass 74.12 Live EMMA 4 Unreleased
Waveshape 80.43 Live EMMA4 Unreleased

Sequences Podcast 10 October 2012

Dedicated to my wife Jill, whose passed away, 19th Sept 2012

Christoph Kranig 1.22 Destination Heaven (album Places of Peace & Freedom)
Ole Hojer Hansen 6.52 The Dome pt2 (album The Dome)
Glimmer Room 13.17 Grey Mirrors (album Grey Mirrors)
Jampy Keys 22.11 Outer Limits
Ramp 27.45 Radiocarbon pt2 (album Return)
Leonardo 35.39 Whenever Was Now
Rake Wickman 44.15 (album Suur Tull)
Mike Andrews 53.46 Blue (MP3 collection)
Paul Lawler 58.17 Portal (EP Portal)
Ian Boddy 65.26 Transmission (album After The Rain)
Grauglanz 73.14 Mantra (album Ubergange)
Adrian Wagner 80.52 Ice Planet (album Merak)
Henric 90.35 (unreleased)

Sequences Podcast 9 September 2012

Erik Wollo 2.07 The Emeralds (album Silver Beach)
Piero Milesi 6.51 Volti Riflessi
Andrew Thomas Wilson 10.48 Caves of Jenolan (album Tales from the blue Ship)
Knoc Whearity 16.13 T-Dreaming http://stradamus/soundcloud.comE-Motion 21.00 Mysterious Voices
Estrada I Studio 27.56 Untitled
Vietgrove 35.25 Millers Wood (album The Stellar Nursery)
Ivan Black 43.40 The Honesty Puzzle Mist (album Mind the Incoming Mists)
Sylvain Carel 52.00 Now And Tomorrow (album Caravansary)

Live at the Awakenings 14/07/2012
Michael Shipway 57.35
Thorpe Cloud 65.39
Lamp 73.20
Ideation 81.51

Sequences Podcast 8 August 2012

Ambient mix edition
Note: Because ambient music tends to be longer than normal, most of the tracks here are edited versions.

Beyond (Rob Warner) 1.59 Holy Mountain (album Episcence )
David Parsons 8.50 Sky Spirits (album Arash)
Bernd Kistenmacher 17.44 La Tendresse (album Head Visions)
Phobes 26.43 Live on Earth Live at the Awakenings.
Synaesthesia 35.40 Hallucinations (album Desideratum)
Hemisphere 44.27 It's A Way Shamans Go/ Singing Crazy (album Inversion)
Tomasz Pauszek 54.09 Rephlexess (album Odyssey)
Zirgun & Romy Harmony 58.50 Beyond our Sight
Need a Name 62.53 Questions (Stray Theories Remix)
Phobos 68.04 This Desolate Place
Ensueno (Rudy Ensueno) 77.05 Shine
Jon Jenkins 80.57 Forever (Album Beyond City Light)

Sequences Podcast 7 August 2012

Picture Palace Music. 1.54 Separate Existence (album Indulge The Passion)
Dolores Castro. 7.55 So Much (album Fifth Dimension)
Constance Demby. 12.25 Lotus Opening (album Set Free)
Stephanie Sante. 17.41 Opening (album Inner Beauty)
Meg Bowles. Walk 28.32 Softly Into the Night (album Blue Cosmos)
Michael Bruckner. 34.54 100 Million Miles Under The Stars ( from the album of the same name) (Excerpt)
Der Laborant.45.00 Die Maschine (album Kontakt) (Gert Wienekamp)
Frank Specht. 53.50 Schon Winkt Zur Sternenreise dis Nachs (album Sebastian im Traum)
Andreas Akwara. 60.40 Raum Satz 1V http://soundcloud/andreas-akwara
Richard Pinhas. 66.36 Iceland part 2 (album Iceland)
Uwe Reckzeh. 75.23 Most Diversions (album Mirror Images)
Xbrainwaves. 81.24 Groovydays (album Cosmic Dreams)
Gunter Schickert. 85.30 Puls Ex (album Uberfallig) Excerpt

Sequences Podcast 6 July 2012

1 Bernd Kistenmacher 2.02 It Doesn't Matter/ Large Hadron Collider (Album Antimatter)
2 Steve Jolliffe 10.03 Time Machine (Album Time Machine)
3 Didier Bocquet 18.50 Himalayas (Album Sequences)
4 Future 11 22.07 Phrasen (Album Music is My Life)
5 Titania Moon & Julian Bishop 28.25 Prelude to a Storm (unreleased)
6 Cyrille Verdeaux 35.54 First Chakra (Album Kundalini Opera)
7 Dream Twice 42.15 Five 7
8 Steen Chorchendorff Jorgensen 46.21 Sea Of Dreams
9 Fabrice Bony 50.42 Call of the African Constellation (Album Between Day)
10 TK 55.32 Moonshine (Album Vertigo 1993)
11 Alba Ecstasy  61.58 Moons of Jupiter
12 Dog Matic 71.08 Extravaganza (unreleased)
13 A.D.S.R. 76.52 Analogue Sequence 1 (unreleased)
14 Tim Wheater & Nick Franks 83.14 What a Piece of Work is a Man/ Those we Used To Know (Album Babel)

Sequences Podcast 5 July 2012

1 Glenn Main 1.00 Ice Tunes (album Arctic Treasures) www.ghmain
2 Glenn Main 6.52 Heartpeace (Live at Wrightegaarden}
3 Carbonates on Mars 11.41 Paranormal Awakenings
4 Anna Sjalv Tredje 19.20 Tussilago Fanfara (excerpt)
5 Andy Pickford 23.13 Opal (extended version) http://andypickfordmusic.
6 Sangam & Bruised Skies 32.02 Signs
7 Phil Brownleader 36.31 Afterburner (unreleased)
8 Glen Deardorff 41.15 Primordial Mariner (album Primordial Mariner
9 Helene Horlyck 49.16 Water (album A Nordic Room)
10 Torsten Abel & Frank Makowski 54.21 Sonemark Set1 Live (excerpt)
11 Amir Baghiri 62.50 The City on the Edge Forever
12 Airsculpture 67.54 Cement (unreleased)
13 Tangram 73.57 Untitled (unreleased)
14 Rudiger Gleisberg 80.29 Symphonic Arts 1
15 Electric Orange 85.23 Back in Strange World 1993
16 Weathered Wall 92.45 Weathered

Sequences Podcast 4 June 2012

At last we have been able to resurrect the original tapes from EMMA 4, with original help fromTony Sawford & modern technology.
More music from that event in the coming months.

1 Bekki Williams Live at EMMA 4 1.00 unreleased
2 Harvey Bainbridge Live at EMMA 4 7.57 unreleased
3 T-Bass Live at EMMA 4 13.45 unrelased
4 Bios Dark Journey 18.00 unreleased
5 CC: Dome Fibilini's Tango Remix 27.14 EP 'Dream Furious'
6 Steve Dinsdale The Vast Keys 3 31.11 Album Vast Key
7 Hemisphere Sway 37.23 Album from 'Inside the Cyclone'
8 Henric 43.35 unreleased
9 Syndromeda Checking the Crop Circles 48.34 Album 'Waiting for the Second Sun'
10 Michael Livsey Stormbird 57.31 unreleased
11 Michael Garrison Shadows of Time 62.42 Album 'An Earth-Star Trilogy'
12 Soniq Theater Deep Space 67.18 Album 'Pandromania'
13 Jeffrey Koepper Artifacts 71.20 Album 'Luminosity'
14 Michael Bruckner Stortebecker 76.31
15 Polydroid Ode to an Android 83.16 Album 'Night of the Machines "archive'

Sequences Podcast 3 May 2012

1 Holle Mangler 1.00 Apocalyptic dance From the album 'Eternal Dimension' 1994
2 Martino Vergnaghi 7.45 Walk Young Pilgrim
3 Ion 10.59 Blues for a Red Planet (unreleased)
4 Eric Van Der Heijden 17.09 Tempo Rubato From the album 'Da Capo' 1998
5 Mark Jenkins 22.41 Mexico Rising From the album 'Mexico Rising' 1994 (excerpt)
6 Bil Vermette 22.58 Riding the Hogback From the album 'GALAXIES IV'
7 Paul Nagle 32.29 Let yourself go
8 Michael Meare 39.00 The Birth of Stars on the Edge of Orion (unreleased)
9 Translunar 48.05 Replicant
10 Bernhard Wostheinrich 53.15 Live in Princeton From the album 'Live in New Jersey 2011' (excerpt)
11 S Palmer 63.19 Flowthing From the album 'The EM Fans Guide to Mooch'
12 Chris Spheeris 71.54 Desires of the Heart From the album 'Desires of the Heart' 1994
13 Eko 77.09 Untitled (unreleased)
14 Volt 85.29 Circuits From the album 'Circuits' (excerpt)

Sequences Podcast 2 March 2012

1 Ron Boots 1.00 The Run (Unreleased)
2 Keller & Schonwalder 7.41 Tuetonisches Wuten (Unreleased)
3 Fanger & Kersten 14.40 Nozacuzi (Unreleased)
4 Rudiger Gleisberg 22.08 Solitude From the album 'Damiana'
5 TomHabes 27.09 Untitled (Unreleased)
6 Kelvin Smith 36.52 Earths Long Winter From the album 'Lapis Lazuli'
7 Craig Padilla 47.11 One (Unreleased)
8 Craig Padilla & Skip Murphy 54.48 Sundial Elements (Live) (Unreleased)
9 Unknown ? 61.53
10 Ian Boddy & Erik Wollo 66.50 Trek From the album 'Frontiers'
11 Mike Shipway 72.10 Silicon Mass From the album 'Voyage to Venus'
12 Steve Smith & Tylas Cyndrome 78.51 Inner City From the album 'Phoenix Arising'
13 Lamp 86.50 Tower One (excerpt) From the album 'The Three Towers'

Sequences Podcast 1 January 2012

Intro Bas Broekhuis
1 Steve Roach 1.00 1992**
2 Paul Ellis 11.16 Slowly Boating Wings**
3 Patchwork 17.42 Synthetic Nature From the album 'Patchwork'
4 Henric 25.30 Homicide 36 (dark version) **
5 Ron Boots, Alquimia & Mark Jenkins 28.24 Forgotten Memories**
6 Gert Emmens 33.16 Gasphar**
7 Greg Bredan 42.47 Earthrise*
8 Solitaire 51.13 Mescalito Exit From the album 'Altered States'
9 Frank Quasar 57.50 Ouverture From the album 'Infinity'
10 Daniel Hohl 63.43 Atomsphere*
11 Paul Ward 70.11 Scream in Darkness (Live at Breda 1991)

*Unreleased tracks

Many of the tracks here from Steve Roach, Paul Ellis, Gert Emmens, etc. were unreleased, donated by the musicians on our tenth anniversary edition of Sequences magazine no27**
The music spans classic tracks of a diverse collection of electronics, from the ambience of Solitaire & Danile Hohl , the sequencer fest of Steve Roach & Gert Emmens to prog rock of Greg Bredan & Paul Ward's stunning mini moog solo. Happy listening.